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We Develop Leaders

Leadership development solutions need to be as unique and flexible as the organizations and leaders they serve.

We develop and deliver customized learning environments that develop leadership skills, expand mindsets, and help teams achieve meaningful results.

For Employee Groups: scitrain creates leadership development programs for cohorts in your organization.
We specialize in designing and delivering programs that spur awareness, skill building and ongoing employee development.

Employee Development

A Development Center is a program designed to assess, develop, and provide a platform for high potential individuals to understand their strengths and areas of leadership development. Participants can look forward to a highly interactive program, where employees experience exercises simulating realistic leadership tasks, tailored based on your company’s culture, values, challenges.

Participants’ actions and behaviors in the exercises will be observed and assessed by a combination of scitrain consultants and leaders in your organization. The end result is an in-depth analysis of each employee’s strengths and development areas provided both through verbal and written feedback. scitrain Development Centers serve as a foundation for an individual’s development trajectory.

Management Trainings

Our trainings, both standardized and custom built, use an experiential learning approach to teach and build skills for leaders in your organization. Participants are guided through learning modules, have the opportunity to practice, and are supported by our facilitators.

Trainings include: Coaching for Managers, Conflict Resolution, Collaborating in a Matrix Organization, Leadership Identity, Strategy & Decision Making, Orchestrating Change, and more. We work with you to understand your concrete needs and tailor the training to the desired goals or create new modules.


Our Learning Labs equip groups of people, who face similar challenges, with the skills they need to successfully manage future challenges. We create customized experiential learning labs where participants are provided the opportunity to practice skills and competencies, as well as engage with each other as a team. Lab participants undergo exercises, individually and as a team, then share and receive feedback from their peers and trained observers.

Team Building

scitrain partners with companies to build workshops aimed at strengthening teams. Each customized workshops creates an environment for your team to align on strategy, vision, and goals, increase engagement, and cultivate authentic relationships.

Our team building workshops are created to address your organization’s challenges and goals. Each workshop enhances team effectiveness, by learning to leverage team members’ strengths, build trust, resolve conflict, increase agility, and create lasting synergy.

For Individuals: scitrain supports individuals in reaching their professional development goals.

Coaching Services

scitrain believes that each individual has the innate ability to grow and develop into the person and professional they would like to be. Our executive coaches use a variety of individualized and research-based approaches to empower the coachee on a self-directed path. While providing a motivating presence, the Coach supports the coachee in leveraging strengths and managing areas of development.

For Organizations: scitrain works with you to ensure alignment of your employee development strategy with the organizational strategy.

Talent Management

We support you in defining your own talent management strategy. Our team consults on succession planning, change management, developing feedback & coaching practices, and developing competency models.

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